Friday, May 20, 2011

How do you make a bunch of 40-something year old gals happy??

More time went by between posts than I realized!  Well, there are lots of changes going on but I'll get to that next post.  This one has nothing to do with chickens, horses, gardening, canning or anything of the sort.  This is just telling you all something that's going to happen this summer... with twelve 40-something year women who used to go to high school together in San Diego.  I have a friend who I used to go to high school with who now owns a farm in Illinois.  Her husband writes songs for Sony and has some Los Angeles "connections".  Since I was in 14, I have had a favorite band.  I went and saw them 13 times in concert throughout my life.  Even got back stage at 16 and got all their autographs.  They are often thought of as only pop, but their beginnings were quite raw in the Los Angeles punk scene when I started following them.  They put on and incredible show.  They are a lot of things, but mostly they are FUN.  I still feel like I'm 16 when I hear their music and haven't seen them in concert for several years.  So, what is gonna happen on August 17th??  Well, my friend and her husband got 12 tickets to a concert... and we invited 10 more friends.  Oh, but this is just the beginning! 

It's the Go-Go's!!  Not only 12 tickets, but 8 FRONT ROW CENTER tickets and 4 second row tickets at the incredible outdoor Greek Theater in Los Angeles.  Oh, there's more!!  Since most people live in San Diego and some along the coast before Los Angeles, they also got a Sony stretch limousine that "comfortably seats 15" which will pick each of us up individually along the way and drop us off at our friend's home which is about 10 minutes from the Greek Theater.  Drink and appetizer orders will be taken from everyone 48 hours before the limo ride.  We will have a great BBQ and dinner at my friend's in LA, go to the concert and have a sleepover.  The following morning, the limousine will take us all back to San Diego.

So, a bunch of us girls who have loosely kept in touch, still really like each other, but haven't been around one another in many years are going to all get together and get crazy like we're kids again.  As one friend said, "let your freak flags fly!!". We've all gone through different things over the years and we all need this night for very different reasons.  Some just need to have a good time cause they have the blues, some have gone through health scares, one is currently going through chemotherapy, some are stressed and tired, but we all are still linked and need to have a great time.  Oh, what a night it's gonna be.  August 17th can't come quickly enough!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Still Here!!

Wow, too much time has gone by since my last post!  I try to put one out once a week.  Thank you everyone for your comments and encouragment.  I soo enjoy the comments. 

We have been so busy lately.  Busy with work, work around the house and just keeping up with things.  The chickens are doing well and one of the two roosters is going to a new home this Friday where he will be "king of a new coop".  A couple in town have a new flock of hens which are only about a week older than my little ones.  I hope to be able to get a home for my one other rooster also.  I had a hen (the same one!!) that went broody about a week and  a half ago, she sat for about 3 days and then broke her brood and was ill.  I thought I was going to lose her but she bounced back and is as good as new now!  I gave her Citricidal in her water and raw, organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar.  I have done a lot of reading on Citricidal and it has been shown to be very effective as a natural type of antibiotic.  It is made from grapefruit seed and is the extract.  Even the USDA stated that it is effective for bird flu and other ailments and for them to say a natural remedy is effective, you know it must be!  I was disappointed she broke her brood as I was looking forward to more chicks, but am just glad she is well now!

Spring has been cold here and the winds have been strong.  Today was a high of 67 and that is so strange for the middle of May!  Normally, it's already hot.  But, I'm not complaining as I am not a fan of summer here.  But, I am complaining about the winds.  It seems like for two weeks now it's been nothing but windy - strong winds!

The garden is disappointing but there is some chard that is growing well.  Most everything else just seems to be stunted.  I have no idea what is wrong.  Since I sent my soil to a lab to be tested and added exactly what they suggested, I'm out of ideas at this point.  Not being able to have a garden is one of the difficult things about being in the desert.  I'm hoping things turn around for the other things planted, but I'm not getting my hopes up!

Well, that is my update!  I hope all is well for everyone and that you all are enjoying a nice spring.  I hope that those of you who are being effected by the heavy rains and storms are safe and well.