Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer is Here!

Well, it's getting warm out here in the desert.  Yesterday, it reached 105 degrees!  Ugh.  The chickens are managing.  I let them out to free range during the day since the coyotes are long gone during the heat of the day.  They love to go under the trees and take cool dust baths.  They are out pretty much from 10 till 5 or so.  Lucky girls!

Our move is still happening but it will just be slow.  First off, we have a trip to Mexico to take!  Amy is driving the RV down with two other RV's with friends and family on board.  They will go about 15 or so hours driving south to Loreto.  They leave the 28th of this month and I fly down the 8th of July for a week and then we all drive back together.  Looking forward to the getaway!!  The dogs are even going!  Ha ha.  Amy, being from a farm, loves the fishing and snorkeling down there.  I don't eat fish, but just love being away.  But, we'll have wifi and I'll be sure and have a couple posts while away!

I'm also working on getting my private practice back in San Diego.  I was surprised that after I contacted a couple former clients they wanted to return so I've filled one day in San Diego and if this holds will soon be opening day two so the transition has started.  A new website is in process, facebook and twitter pages for work, the whole deal.  Definitely have to jump into the "techno game" there due to the competition.  But, that's okay. 

I went to the San Diego County Fair last week with a friend and her daughter.  It was great fun.  They had the poultry exhibition and I saw some beautiful breeds in person I had only heard and saw pictures of before.  The Frizzles and true heritage Rhode Island Red were my favorites.  When I make my move, I hope to have a REAL Rhode Island Red instead of the Production Reds that the hatcheries pass on.

The garden is producing a lot of chard and a couple pickling cucumbers.  The soil is still just not right.  But, I am done trying.  Four years I gave it my best shot.  It will be a snap down in rural San Diego.  Great soil.

Hope everyone is well and thank you so much for continuing to follow me!!  I am not going to stop this blog and will get it up to full swing again after all this change has passed.  Soooo much going on!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Big Change

Wow, too much time has gone by since my last post!  I have been very busy and pretty stressed.  Because of Amy's medical situation and since her medical care is in San Diego, we have decided we need to go back to San Diego for now.  At least for a couple of years - we're hoping to get all clean Pet Scans for that time and then we'll be more comfortable leaving the area.  Well, we can't sell the house because of the market so we are getting it ready to rent.  I hate to rent it, and hope we don't get someone that wrecks it up.  We have done sooo much to it!  But, we have to take the chance.  We won't live in San Diego central but will have to be 30 minutes to an hour away from downtown in the rural areas.  We will have to rent a home there and it will be very challenging since we're going down with Noah's Ark.  Yep, I'm taking all the chickens, the horse and three dogs.  I'm having to re-advertise in San Diego and am trying to bring my business back up there.  It will be a gradual transition as I drop a day of work in my private practice here in Joshua Tree and take on an additional day in San Diego.  For those of you who don't know, I'm a mental health therapist in private practice.  So, you all can imagine the stress with trying to rent the house, build up a business, rent out our house and transition all the animals.  We are getting things into motion now.  Don't know the timeline but will keep everyone updated!  So, I hope you excuse absence the past week or so now that you know what has been going on!