Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still Making the Transition (with an RV Trip to Mexico in Between!)

Hi all - hope you haven't forgotten about me!  I haven't forgotten about the blog it's just that life has really become busy and a bit complicated!  But, things are going to work out.  We actually took a vacation.  We drove the RV 850 miles south of the border to Loreto, Mexico.  Amy loves fishing so we fished, clammed and snorkeled.  Took the dogs down with us as well and it was great.  We stayed at one place on the way back out in the middle of nowhere.  A family owns the property and it used to be a stop for travelers before the main gas stations were put in place.  They would get gas and sell by the gallon and have people stay overnight if they wanted and make meals, too.  We were the only ones there and it was $7 to stay.  The place was a ranch and there were horses and a few cows all around us free ranging with palm trees and boulders.  It was beautiful!  Not a sound.  Some folks would say the family was so poor, but they are sooo rich in so many ways.
Amy with her Dorado

Our spot at the ranch

One night on the Sea of Cortez

 We are still making the transition to move to San Diego for a couple years where Amy can get clean pet scans.  The house is on the market and I have filled one day a week in my San Diego office and am opening up my second day of the week tomorrow.  I also have a new website being done for my work in San Diego and that will help.  It should be completed in about a week.  Yay!

Amy was supposed to get her pet scan yesterday but ended up in the ER instead!  She was in a tremendous amount of pain and they think she has a pinched nerve.  They have rescheduled her scan for next Tuesday and I will be relieved when that is over and we get good news regarding the results.

Mamma hen decided she wanted to go broody again and 3 chicks hatched Monday!  The sad part is that 3 hens disappeared while I was away and we found a hawk in waiting in the big tree above where they like to go.  So, they now have to stay in their run.  I'm bummed about that as they loved having the whole property and the trees to go under.  But, the hawk is watching and waiting.  My beautiful Barred Plymouth Rock (Miss Osie) and 2 Rhode Island Reds (including Gertie) were taken. 

Well, that's my update!  Lots going on.  The commute is getting hard as it's 2 hours and 40 minutes each way and I'm having to go down every week now.  But, we know it has to get harder before it gets better!