Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mamma & Babies Mix with the Gang

A couple of days ago, I decided to get brave and let mamma hen and the babies out with the whole gang.  I was really nervous because when I brought home the Easter Egger (TuTu Evans) and the Barred Plymouth Rock (Miss Osie), they had to be segregated for a long time and the established flock was ruthless with them.  So, I made a little opening in their private area and mamma hen and babies came marching out.  The lead hen, Theodocia, came up and gave one of the babies a peck and mamma hen unleashed a FURY on her.  That was the end of that... it was as if the signal had been given and the whole flock, including Jack, know not to bother the babies.  Even when I throw a little scratch down for the big girls and the babies come running, the hens don't bully the babies.  Mamma hen is a great mother and is always keeping an eye out!  I don't keep them together all the time, cause the rest of the flock have taken a liking to the chick starter food.  I came out yesterday and found almost all the hens in the babies separate area trying to eat the chick starter!  ha ha.  The babies can't get to the layer ration as it's up high so I'm not worried about them getting into something they shouldn't.  So, good news around here!  It's a relief to know they are already mixing and when mamma hen decides they are old enough to make it on their own, I think the transition into the flock is going to be quite easy.  I'm quickly learning it's MUCH easier to do it this way than trying to bring in birds without a natural mom.  I'm having a great time!  Hope you like the pictures and short video below.  

The weather here has turned very nice.  I even had coffee out on the porch this morning at 6:30 and they are forecasting 70 degrees for Saturday.  The garden is almost fully constructed (pictures will be coming later) and the shop will get worked on again this weekend.  We lost two weeks of working on the shop due to rain.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday!


  1. Mothers are such a good thing to have around.--Inger

  2. The video was unavaliable but just loved the pictures and the story of Mama hen setting the pecking order straight, LOL!!! Glad you are having so much fun with your flock, it's good therapy, isn't it?

    Blessings for your weekend,

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  4. How is it that they keep getting cuter?? Great Mama hen protecting her chickies from Theodocia.

  5. How did you make out with the soil ammenities??


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