Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Short Little Chick Video!

I forgot I had a video option on my old digital camera.  I don't know if it'll be the best quality, but thought I'd put a short clip up.  I made an outdoor section for mamma hen and the babies to be during the day.  I put together an A-frame shelter out of scrap I had around the place and now they get to be out in the sun and have more room during the day.  Before sunset, I put them back in their smaller section inside the main coop.  All the chicks seem to be really healthy and I can't believe how fast they are growing!  The wings are feathered and tiny tail feathers are starting to come in.

The weather is nice here again - sun with no wind.  I'll be working more trying to finish up my garden area before going to work today and half of my seeds have arrived.  Yay! 


  1. Precious! She looks like a good Mama, she's going to be a keeper and hopefully some of the chicks will be hens and they should be good brooders too!

    Your weather looks great! Glad you're getting your garden done and your seeds are showing up. We didn't order to much, mostly new stuff to try( fun stuff).
    Thanks for sharing that video, makes me anxious for our chicks, coming end of the month. Can't believe it is March already! YEAH!!!

  2. Fun Clip Sylvia. Your coop looks wonderful!!! I like how the other hens jump up to check out the action in the nursery section! yes your mama hen looks like she does a good job! :) i do hope you have all hen babies, but if not, you'll find out when you hear a "screatching cat" noise @ 3 and 4 in the a.m.. it's the baby roosters trying to crow!!! whoa! been there done that with taylar's chickens years ago! i remember flying out of bed thinking one of my cats was stuck in the attic and hurt!!! FUNNY! Have lots of fun with your feathered friends!

  3. They sure make sure to follow their mama around. Are the others sitting up on the fence looking in on them too? Great job you did on that enclosure. I really admire you, Sylvia.

  4. Hi Sylvia, Great video. Wow, you really whip up those enclosures quick. I'm envious of the weather there. I still have a foot of snow on the ground...Oldman winter is really over staying his welcome. I sent my e-mail.
    enjoy the babies
    old ddog

  5. They are so cute and she is a good momma. Love the way the follow her around.
    Hope this post goes the last one didn't.

  6. I love hearing the little peeping! Your coop is more like a chicken palace! Very spacious in there for everyone. Very cute video.


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