Friday, February 25, 2011

Chicks are 3 days Old and Doing Great!

getting a little drink - look at the tiny feather already growing on the wing!

The 4 baby chicks are doing well and mamma hen seems to be a great mother.  I am having some trouble in their area that has been sectioned off for them in the back of the main coop as mom seems to get restless and the feeder keeps getting knocked over.  I don't have a picture of it right yet, but today I made a little "A-Frame" shelter about the size of a small dog house and sectioned off an area in the main run where, on nice days, she and the chicks can have more room.  I think that will appease mamma hen!  I put them out in it today, mamma hen did a quick down and dirty dust bath and then went inside the new shelter with the babies and they ate and drank.  (it was windy as a storm is approaching here so I don't think she wanted to go outside the a-frame to get the food and water).  Everyone seemed very content!  After this storm passes, I'll let them out there during the days and I think this will be a great arrangement.  I'm learning a lot and am learning quickly what I didn't do right and need to have for the next time!  But, that's expected and I'm loving the process.  Most importantly, they are all healthy and active!  So, we're bracing for wind, rain and low temps (well, low for Southern California - mid 20's and chance of snow even!).  The main coop is good and protected and I know underneath mamma hen it's in the 90's!!  Lucky chicks.

The little legs you see is baby using the "wing tunnel" to get warm under mamma


  1. Oh, the peeps are just stunning! I love love their coloring. What a good mommy hen.

    Glad to see they are doing well during our cold spell. We are expected to drop to 34 degrees tonight... Burrr....


  2. Wow Snow?! Crazy! Glad your babies have mama around to stay warm! Really enjoying all the pictures of your cluckers :)

  3. That last photo made me d-i-e!

    Thanks for sharing the cuties! :)

  4. Oh, I am sooo wanting to get my chicks for this year, but it's still a it too cold at this point (We had this little mishap with a bobcat...) :(

    I will just have to see more pics like this until I can get mine!!


  5. So glad they are doing well. They grow so fast!


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