Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Chicks!!

The babies are here!  So, exciting.  Monday morning, I saw two eggs were being pipped.  When I got home from work, I pushed mamma's chest back and saw there were two chicks and one more egg was pipped.  Unfortunately, I had to drive to San Diego yesterday(Tuesday) and didn't get back until right after dark.  But, I checked under mamma again and there were 4 baby chicks!  As of last night, that makes 4 hatched and 3 unhatched.  I'm not sure if the other 3 are going to hatch but I will know soon.  If not, 4 is great!  I was very worried last night cause it didn't appear that anyone ate or drank anything. (I'm a worry wart)  I went online to my chicken forum at and was told that newly hatched babies can go 60 hours without food or drink and not to worry and that mamma will take them out when ready!  Whew, relief.  So, away we go!  They are sooooo adorable!  Little orangey-red fluffy things.  They are Rhode Island Reds since Jack is a RIR and I only put the larger brown eggs under her that are from the RIR hens.  More to come later but wanted to get this out!  I'll be going out soon when it warms up a bit this morning.


  1. They are ADORABLE!! When will you know if they are boys or girls.. ok Hens or Roosters :) such cutie pies!!

  2. WooHoot! Congrats! Don't you just love it? Can't wiat for a baby somethign around here, our meat chicks will come in April and praying our turkey hens start laying mid to end of March and set and hatch a good clutch.

    Suggestion, add 2-3 Tblsp of apple cider( the real stuff, from an organic store) to their water, you can also add 1-2 Tblsp of honey, this will act like an electrolite and help build their immune systems. If you are feeding commercial feeds I'd suggest staying away from the medicated types and lean more toward organic, or grind your own mix(I I have a blog post on our blog about doing that and what I mix in)

    Again congrats, praying the other three hatch if they don't in a couple of days, she'll most likely abandon them or you should remove them.
    Blessings for your day :o)

  3. I just adore their color! Such cute lil' things! Congratulations Sylvia! The PEEPERS ARE HERE! YAY!!! :D

  4. Absolutely Adorable! Cute tender moments between mama hen and babies!

  5. I'm so happy for you. They are adorable!--Inger

  6. What cuties! Congratulations on the new additions.
    Keep the pics coming, I love it!

  7. CONGATS!! they are so cute and I love the color. I have only seen the yellow. Hope the rest hatch for you.


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