Friday, February 4, 2011

If All Goes Well, Jack is Gonna be a Daddy!

One of my Rhode Island Reds (Haughty) went broody almost 2 months ago.  It was way too cold to think about having babies around, so I figured the setting and urge would pass in about 21 days.  Not.  Like I said, almost 2 months ago!  So, Tuesday I gave her 8 eggs to start laying on.  Spring is almost here, Rhodies aren't known for being real broody and she deserves an award for persistance.  So, if all goes well, I'll have chicks two weeks from Tuesday!!  (day 21) 

Jack is the proud dad!  I pulled the Delaware eggs and only left the brown RIR eggs, so the chicks will all be Rhode Island Reds.  The reason I pulled the Delaware eggs is because when breeding a RIR rooster and a Delaware hen, they are sex linked - all the males will be white and look like Delawares and the females will look like Rhodies.  Since I'm not going to keep any roosters (Jack said this is a one man camp), I figured my hens who look like Rhode Island Reds should be Rhode Island Reds!  In the future when my Barred Plymouth Rock starts laying (very soon, I hope), I will want to hatch some of her eggs as they will produce a "Black Rock" chicken.  I want some of them around! 

So, wish us all luck around here!  I'm hoping for a successful and healthy hatch in a little more than 2 weeks!


  1. Keeping our fingers crossed that you hatch more hens than roos. We always seem to get more roos. even picking the eggs special and everything.

    How fun for you all! Keep us posted*wink*

  2. Oh how fun!!! I hope Haughty will be a good mama.

  3. Rhode Islanders are called many things. However, I don't think I ever heard us called "broody". Brown eggs are the only kind of eggs we have. The only time I ever had white eggs was at Easter... and even then you would have thought Jerry Garcia lived here because we dyed them

  4. I'm so excited for you -- look how far you have come after all that hard work. Babies! I wish you and the chickens all the best.--Inger

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