Monday, February 21, 2011

Counting Down... One more Day!!

I'm so excited about tomorrow.  I really hope everything has gone well and the baby chicks hatch tomorrow as planned!  Dang, I'm beside myself!

I had a good weekend.  Friday, we worked on the shop some more and were making good headway until the winds picked up.  Navigating 4' x 8' sheets of plywood in 30 mph winds on ladders is not our idea of fun, so that was short lived.  Did my taxes on Saturday since it was a cold, rainy and windy day.  That felt GOOD to get finished!  Whew.  No horseback riding cause of the weather.  Sunday, I rode Mickey, worked on the workshop some more and then I got the baby chicken area completely ready for Tuesday when I hope they hatch.  

There was a little happening on Sunday that is noteworthy.  While working outside, I had let the chickens out to free range as I normally do when I'm close by.  All of a sudden, about 15 feet to my left I saw two coyotes running top speed toward the flock of chickens that were out pecking and scratching away.  I yelled, "No!!" as I was certain one or two were in an instant to get carried away.  Right after I yelled, I saw my Boxer dog Sherman in hot pursuit!  He chased them down at least 5 acres away.  I quickly called the chickens into their run, counted them and was shocked to find they were all accounted for!  I'm certain between my yelling and them being chased by Sherman, they were distracted and momentarily gave up on their lunch.  Sherman is my hero!!

Just had dinner and about ready to call it a night.  All vegetarian "(non) chicken taco pie" (made with seitan), green beans and almonds, cornbread and chard followed by two homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Yum!  Well, I'll be checking in hopefully tomorrow or the next day hopefully with pictures of baby chickens!


  1. I hope all goes well with the baby chicks. I am waiting to see the pictures. Those coyotes are going to be a problem, once they zero in on food they won't give up easily. Watch out for you dog too. He may get into a problem if there are more than 2. Good luck

  2. Oh, I'm so excited, too! Baby chicks... Please, please, please - take pictures for us to share.

    Your coyote experience is quite frightening. I am so glad your dog was alert, as well as yourself! That could have been a horrific situation quite easily. I'm thinking you need another big dog... Doesn't hurt to have two, does it? So scary.

    Your dinner (and dessert!) sounded so yummy!!


  3. jojo - the chickens in the run and coop i built are good and safe. i've had them since the end of october and when i built the run i put metal lathe about 9 inches deep and also a horizontal section about 9 inches wide. if they try to dig on it, the lathe will cut their paws and they will quickly give up. the coop is also completely covered on top with poultry fencing! i've seen coyotes standing at the fence but they know there is no getting in! i just have to watch when they're out. i have seen a lot more coyotes the last few weeks - i think the pups must be out of the den.

    farmer - thanks! i'm soooo excited, too. yep, shermie is a good 'ol boy! he's the best dog ever!

  4. Glad all the ladies made it back inside safe! Go Sherman! How are the little chickies?

  5. I'm back...

    I'm here...


    Can't wait...

    Need news...must have news... Do you have peeps?



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