Monday, January 31, 2011

My Getaway & Current Project

It feels way too long since I made a post!  Well, I had a great time going on my little getaway to Quartzsite, Arizona.  Only a long weekend, but a good and needed one.  There is the annual swap meet out there for a couple weeks and it's huge - I think the biggest one in the country.  My parents and their friends go out every year and we wanted to join them.  There is plenty of BLM land out there and you can get a space by yourself and stay up to two weeks in the RV no questions asked for free.  So, there were about 14 RVs in our group and not many others close to us.  The nights were dead quiet and days were warm and fun.  We left and towed our trailer with our two motorcycles in it.  Since there is so much BLM land, there are tons and tons of trails for motorcycles and we wanted to explore.  Also, there is only one road into the swap meet and sometimes the traffic is backed up more than 30 minutes, and with the motorcycles, we took the back way through the wash with a trail up to the main road, and BOOM, we were there and could squeeze the motorcycles in to park anywhere. 

I didn't buy too much, but I did get a nice Wagner 9 cast iron skillet and two old metal milk containers.  Aside from that, just odds and ins and a fun time walking around. 

Below, we're pulling out from home. 

This is a pic taken at sunrise right outside our RV with the moon setting.  It was a beautiful morning.

Amy and the boys.

My dad (far left) and mom (in red sweatshirt in front) and some friends.  We drove out to look at the Native American hieroglyphics.  If you look closely at the rock above, you'll see them.

My dad (76 years old) riding my motorcycle around our group of RVs.  Big smile on his face.

Amy riding ahead on one of the trails we took on the motorcycles.  We have dual sports, so can take them off and on road.

One of the hills we climbed.  It was a beautiful view.

Me being goofy.

Another destination on our bikes and I'm next to a huge Ocotillo just starting to bloom.  It was already in the low 70's there.

Well, I put CJ the pug in here just because he's so darned cute!

Since we've been back, we just started to work on the shop again.  I don't know if you remember, but the "hired help" we got to put the workshop up turned out to be utterly dismal.  So, we decided to do it ourselves.  This weekend, we started on the roof and we put up the ridge and the two outside rafters which are the most difficult.  I think we will get all the joists and remaining rafters up this coming weekend.  We're gonna get this thing done if it kills us!!  So, below is the beginning of our roof.


  1. Wow! looks like fun was enjoyed by everyone( love the picture of your dad, smile and all!)

    Nice to be able to put faces with names. Actually I'm better at remembering faces than names *sigh*

    Your shop is looking great, you'll love it I know when it's all finished and all of the struggles with the crew will long since fade away.
    Glad your back, we missed ya! :o)


  2. I'm impressed! A lot of pictures! It was like winning the jackpot...

    Loved, loved seeing the family. Everyone looked great and happy. My favorite picture had to be Amy and the boys (although, all of them were beautiful). Talk about cute! Cute, cute, cute!

    Hopeful - the shop is coming along nicely and looking good. You will get it done and it will be amazing!


  3. A swap meet that involves motorcycles? This sounds like something I should be looking into! :)

  4. I am sure CJ is a man in a pug suit


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