Friday, January 21, 2011

A Quick "Hi" from Quartzsite, AZ

Just a little hello from Arizona.  This is our free camp spot on BLM land.  There's so much land that you can find a nice place with few folks around you.  This is as the sun is coming up and you can see the moon setting in the picture.

Had a good time yesterday and went into the swap meet.  Found a nice Wagner 6 cast iron skillet for a good deal and got some other goodies.  Today we are going to go exploring on the motorcycles on some of the endless trails around here.

I can't check on other blogs while here cause my internet time is limited due to me being on a broadband stick.  I'll definitely catch up when I get back!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend coming up.


  1. Enjoy yourselves and see you when you get back :o)

    I have so much cast iron, good find, you'll love it and it will last your life time and some more if cared for properly



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