Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waiting, Waiting...

Slept in the ICU but slept fairly well as the rooms are private, spacious and more quiet.  So, that's good!  Good news is that there is no new fluid around the heart so it doesn't seem to be re-accumulating.  They want to monitor her more for any changes.  They are concerned about other things, but aren't really telling us a lot cause they are in their "investigation mode".  Frustrating to have team after team of doctors come around and all tell you the same thing like it's the first time you've heard it and not get any real news or answers.  Amy is getting tired and frustrated because she has a "swan" catheter that goes from her groin all the way up to her heart and they can measure and monitor everything the heart does.  But, she is not allowed to sit or stand so has had to be lying on her back for 2 days now.  Not a lot of news, but at least there's no new bad news. 

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  1. No new fluid is good news. I'm glad you got some rest. I hope Amy gets a thumbs up and she can come home soon. Praying and sending out healing vibes to you and Amy!



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