Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Henhouse!

Starting the Foundation

Working on building the Henhouse!!  I actually don't eat eggs.  I've never liked them.  I'm also a vegan.  But, I know enough people who eat eggs and I would love to give them fresh, cruelty-free eggs so they don't have to buy the factory farmed ones.  I get the pleasure of tending to chickens and learning how to keep them.  Nothing against roosters: I think they're beautiful!  I just don't think I'm ready to hear one this close day and night.  It's a bit tricky out here in the desert because the coyote are crafty and ever alert.  So, although not as "free range" as I would like, they will certainly not be cooped up and will have as much space as I can safely give them outside their henhouse. 

Finished Foundation

I started to build my henhouse last weekend and am continuing this weekend.  A cinder block foundation with bolts concreted in every few cinder blocks to go through the kick plates of each wall.  Tomorrow I begin the walls.  I am handy, but I've certainly never built anything this big.  It's a 10' X 6' henhouse.  I have tons of ideas in my head how I'm going to decorate it inside... roosts they can hop up on, nesting boxes I can hopefully make out of things I scavenge up in the desert, their little ramp, etc...  I orginally wanted to do a strawbale coop, but the cost of straw has gone up so much, it's cost prohibitive.  So, I'll insulate nicely and put plenty of ventilation.  I don't have any building plans, so hope what's in my head actually transpires!

Any good suggestions for hen names??  I've got Gertie, Matilda, and Hattie for starters.  Ha!

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