Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Introducing Sherman & CJ!

Aside from me, my partner and Micky the Thoroughbred, Sherman & CJ are part of the crew here.  An odd couple, to say the least, but perfectly matched.  Sherman is an almost 8 year old rescued Boxer.  He was a backyard discovery in a litter of 12 week old Boxer puppies.  A couple of his siblings had already died, and he was close behind.  The vet said he was about half the weight he should have been, malnourished, dehydrated, had several infections and would probably not lived more than another 24 hours.  Well, as you can see from his picture below, he made quite a comeback.

CJ stands for "Carlisle Junior" and is an 8 month old Pug.  He is named after Carlisle who died about 9 months ago at the age of 8 years old.  Sherman had never been alone, and when Carlisle passed, Sherman withdrew and was not himself.  So, a couple months later, we found CJ and they have been the best of pals.  A puppy is a good match for Sherman since his Boxer genetics keep him quite lively!  Sherman watches over him well, they are inseparable and are constant entertainment for themselves and others.  CJ must think he is a different breed of dog since this week alone, he has on different occasions pranced up on the porch with a rabbit leg and a squirrel carcass.  How, I'll never know.  He must have had some help, but it wasn't help from Sherman.  Sherman loves a good chase and has passed many an hour chasing rabbits, but wouldn't know what to do with one if he caught it.  And, he could if he wanted.  He's one of the fastest dogs I've watched. 

So, that's the dog crew.  I know Sherman will love the addition of more "chaseable" wildlife in Arkansas and CJ will love the cool green grass in the spring and summer.  Here in the desert, summer is not much fun for either of them with the exception of early morning and night.  Of course, they get to stay inside where it's cool when it gets too hot!

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