Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have no idea if anyone will read this. It's great if you are, but it's ok if you're not. I have decided to put my thoughts and dreams in the form of a blog as a diary of sorts - a record of fluctuations and progress as defined by Hope. My Hope for Homesteading.

So, hello. I'm a 43 year old woman, have a partner, a goofy rescued boxer, a silly pug and a beautiful thoroughbred horse I rescued about two years ago. The horse lives at my neighbor's as she needs to be with others and have a herd. I knew nothing about horses when I rescued her from a very neglectful owner - she was lame and underweight. I helped her recover completely and she teaches me a lot of things - but largely about patience. I live in the High Desert of California and have a small mid century home on 5 acres. I grew up on the beach of San Diego in the early 1970's when kids could walk the boardwalk by themselves, ride bikes without helmets, and swim without supervision cause their parents knew they could. The beach was safe and largely different then. It's now full of rules, regulations, signs, drugs, and untrustworthy people. I thought coming to the desert would give me the inner solitude I was seeking. I've long been anamored with open spaces, quiet and solitude. But, the desert isn't doing it. I'm doing a good job at making it work temporarily, but my partner and I are planning on moving to north central Arkansas - in the Ozarks close to the Buffalo River. My dream is to have fresh, clean water pumped from a well, a beautiful garden where I can grow a large amount of food, pasture for my horse and a companion horse I'll buy, squirrels and butterflies for my dogs to romp after, and a change of seasons to celebrate. And, a break away from California and all its rules, regulations, high taxes, overpriced real estate and plethora of signs. And, the dream of a real community - people that will be there when you need them and help each other when the time comes. It'll be great when someone says, "let's do lunch" and know they mean it!! So, this will hopefully be a patient expression of my days until we can leave for Arkansas. There are some obstacles, and no need to go into them now. So until we pack up the boxes and animals, I try and stay content with my desert home, the chicken coop I'm building, the few container vegetables I'm able to grow, my big, beautiful horse I get to ride every weekend and my good fortune of being self employed. If anyone does happen to read this, please share your thoughts! The more company along this journey, the better.


  1. Well Hi Sylvia, My name is JR and I'm at this time down sizing all i own here in Bakersfield, Ca. so i can head home to Arkansas myself. I'm headed to a place on Lake DeGray outside of Pointe Cedar. I don't know if you have ever moved a horse long distance before but ask a lot of your friends about it, It can be a pain sometimes. When is your hoped date of the move? I'm shooting for July. Well write me and we can share wisdom together,Or maybe Supper or Dinner, Lunches are for city's.
    jrhartshorne@ y or g .com

  2. Hi David... How exciting about your move! I really hope you make your expected move date in July. I bet it's a good feeling to be downsizing and getting lighter. I will write and yes, supper indeed - I'll leave lunch behind in California.

  3. You have a captive audience a million miles away in Florida. I believe most people just tumble thru life. Reading your blogs, you don't sound like a tumbleweed to me. You know exactly where you belong. Keep the course and you'll get there.
    By the way, tailgaters are born here. It's either blue hairs that run you off the road or tailgaters. I was going to the grocery store a few weeks ago doing the speed limit and minding my own business when I looked in the rear view mirror and had a car right on my tail. I couldn't see her head lights and she was mad! She could have passed me but I suppose it was easier to vent her frustration on me. I received double birds and luckily can't lip read.
    I grew up in Mississippi and transferred back to north Ms. before I married my husband and moved to Florida. I can't tell you how many times I saw the craziest things driving for my job. I got stuck behind a house being moved down a narrow country road and plenty of curves. I turned on the music and relaxed. One day I saw 3 little pigs running down the side of the highway. The best is when I came home to a llama in my front yard when I got home from work. My neighbor said it best. If there was a stray animal near my house it would find me. These things never happen anywhere but the country. I can't wait to go back to the country.
    Love your blog, keep'm coming!
    Take Care!

  4. cheryl, keep your intentions strong and the memories and dreams in tact and it will become your reality. i love the story of the 3 little pigs running down the road! thank you for the encouragement.


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