Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tricky Mickey!

Falling asleep before getting tacked up... but not for long!

Mickey the thoroughbred keeps me feeling alive and happy these days!  She's an amazing test of patience and will power and I find out how much I believe in myself as the former two qualities have to adjust and know when to take a back seat to each other.  I could just give up after all.  She always takes my to the edge and intuits when to stop before going too far.  I look back and I've learned a lot.  I just can't believe someone left her standing lame in a stall for so long and would neglect such an amazing and beautiful animal.  She keeps me safe every time she allows me up on her.  I love the smells... horse sweat, hay, saddles, chaps... it takes me away from anything and everything I might want a break from.  Even though you sometimes hop, resist, pop your hind end just a tad, and often canter much faster than I'd like, I'm always left with a smile and it's the only time I feel like I can fly!  Cantering on this beautiful 16.3 hand mare is just like I'm flying.  I'm in the zone.  I think everyone should have a horse!  Thank you, Mickey!  I'll get you to your green pasture, yet.  I promise.

Beautiful, isn't she?

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