Monday, August 2, 2010

Bird Netting - Bird Deterrent or Snare?

I have a pomegranate tree which the birds got to last year and destroyed every pomegranate on it.  Being that pomegranates are one of my favorite fruits, I wanted to keep them from the birds this season.  So, around late Spring, when the blooms started to form, I went and bought some bird netting to keep the birds out.  Problem solved, I thought.  For many trees that grow higher off the ground, most of my "crises" wouldn't have occurred, but since pomegranates are lower and shrubbier, I figured out the hard way.  I had the netting pulled up around the trunk by the ground and tried to seal all entry points where the two ends met.  After yesterday, I have had enough and my days of bird netting are over - the birds can have the fruit!

My first mini crisis occurred when a humming bird had somehow found its way inside the netting and could not get out.  It took two of us and over 5 minutes to get it to leave the exit we created.  Then there were the large lizards that went to the base of the tree and got hung up in it - and when they get hung, they struggle and get themselves wound up even tighter.  I cut about 5 lizards out to freedom.  Next was the rabbit who probably came to the base for water after I watered the tree - we got him free.  Last week, two beautiful, non poisonous snakes had slithered up into the tree and died after they got wound up in it and pulled the netting tighter and tighter as they tried to get free.  Yesterday was the deal breaker as a small chipmunk had his back leg caught and the netting was cutting into its foot as he tried to get loose.  I cut him out of the netting, he scampered away, but in some pain, I'm sure.  Part of this was operator error I'm sure as I should have got the netting completely off the ground, but some of the "snarings" would have occurred regardless.  So, for those of you considering bird netting, maybe consider a different option or just do it a very different way.  The fact they sell little "stakes" with the netting means it is meant to be secured to the ground in many cases, but this doesn't so much keep birds out as it acts as a trap and snare for the various critters coming and going on your property.  Looks like no pomegranates again this year!  Birds win.


  1. Birds are winning all of my 17 tomato plants as well. I have netting set up, haven't caught a single bird or critter, but I also haven't been able to eat more than 1 tomato this year. The dang things still get in and eat them. I am about ready to remove the netting and just succumb to the fact I have planted bird feeders.

    If I caught anything and couldn't free it, I would give up right away as well.

    Bummer Sylvia ..

  2. allene - now, that is too bad. mine at least kept the birds out, but unfortunatly, caught everything under the sun. you are still losing your tomatoes to the birds? dang! well, don't give up - you'll find something to keep them away! keep me updated. also, hope the 1 tomatoe you ate was a good one!

  3. it was good.. I have the plants on the second story on a big balcony.. all in pots. I re-worked the netting yesterday, I swear I am missing a tomato again today! I even have rat traps set up here just in case it isn't birds..I haven't seen the critter yet.

  4. Same thing happened to me! Only once though that I saw...I tried to protect my pitiful grapes (that need alot more help than just a net, lol), and was out checking the garden at dusk to feel the cool dew settle when I noticed a blue jay caught up in it. It took a friend & I well over 10 min. to free it. We gently lifted and lowered the net to the ground, then used my ankle length tie-dyed skirt to drape over it to calm it. It took a bit, but we finally untangled the wings, opened an escape, & it first hobbled out. I was worried my dog would catch it, and I went to catch again, ready to release it in protective cover, and thankfully, it gathered itself & flew away. I feel the same as you, the birds can just have the grapes; they're a little wormy for me anyway :)

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