Thursday, July 29, 2010


Well, maybe I shouldn't have posted so quickly about the property to be.  It really felt right and it felt like home. 

We had the home inspection on the Arkansas property on Tuesday and the inspection discovered water seepage either through the foundation or basement wall.  Fixing that may be a simple matter of redirecting water or could be a major, major undertaking.  And considering the home has sat vacant for 6 months with basement leakage, who knows if there could be a mold problem.  Since the home is a foreclosure and is being sold by Fannie Mae, there is no room for negotiation and we terminated the contract.  So, I'm disappointed to say the least.  It will be very hard for us to afford a property that had everything this place had, but we might have not been able to afford the repairs so we had to back away.  Too many unknowns.

So, plan B?  Well, I'm trying to adjust my attitude, get my chin up and move ahead!  I have my health and my work and wonderful people in my life so that is more important than a house and there will be more homes.  Our plan is to work hard for the next 6 to 7 months and I'm going to put my desert home on the market in about 4 to 6 weeks and the goal is to break even.  It's a shame to only break even as we have done sooo much to this little desert homestead and made it into a very nice little house.  And, even though we bought over 3 years ago after the market dipped, it still dipped once we bought so we're hoping to come out even with all the improvements we made.  We learned a lot and will take our knowledge and skills with us to the next home we buy.  We'll most likely buy a fixer in Arkansas (with a dry foundation!) so we can have more home for less money.  If my home sells early, we can move our RV to my neighbor's home where my horse lives and it has an RV hookup.  We'll live there, work hard and take off towards the end of February in the RV with the dogs and take a month or two traveling to Arkansas staying on BLM lands and out of the way places.  When we get to Arkansas, we will get work and be local to look for homes as the listings appear.  We'll also secure work of course.

In the meantime, I will try and make my blog interesting and keep canning, finishing my coop, learning what I can and having a few final seasons in the desert.  I think next time I'll wait till after the inspection to post the home success!  I get very excited and just didn't dream it would have a seeping foundation.  But, it was a heck of a trip and I had a great time even though we drove two 24 hour days!  Memories are good and I wouldn't trade that one.


  1. Thank heavens for inspectors! Good luck on selling your home. It's always good to have a seller's inspection before you put your house on the market. You can nip and tuck it for potential buyers before they walk in the door.
    Best of luck and I hope to read more about the coop...are you going to get chickens or wait until the move?

  2. thanks cheryl! yes, this inspector was really, really thorough and we'll use him for the next home we look to buy. as for my current home, we have completely redone it and we were meticulous as they come. we paid attention to every detail and am confident any insection will pass us with flying colors! the buyer will be getting a good little home with things done correctly and no "cover ups". glad to hear things are calming down in florida. whew!


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