Friday, July 2, 2010

Henhouse #4

Well, I got the door constructed and hung complete with barrel bolt.  Whoo hoo!  Very pleased that I found that great pair of hinges out in the desert.  A little WD40 and they are as good as new.  Love to find things!  A lot of the wood I'll be using to frame the windows has also been found and that's fun.  So, it was a day of pleasure and progress and hopefully tomorrow will be the same and I'll get the chicken door and first window framed and hinged.  While picking up hay today, I noticed they started selling chicks and chickens and I found a great contact for someone to help me choose the best breed(s) for my purposes.  Eggs only, but I want them to do well in the heat as it can get to be a bit over 110 here in the summer.  Hopefully, by next summer we'll be in Arkansas at our new homestead, but for this summer, gotta keep the birds comfortable!  Hopefully, in a month, my coop will be up and running.  But, I've got a lot of work to do yet.

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