Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chosen Chicken Breeds

After talking to the local "chicken man", I've picked my breeds I'm going to have in the coop. I'm going to get the Rhode Island Red and the Turken, aka the "Transylvanian Naked Neck". The latter looks more like a turkey and is so ugly it's cute! Both breeds will do very well in the high desert heat here. Hopefully I'll be getting them within a month!

Rhode Island Red



  1. We love our RIR's, Barred and White rocks and our favorite( probably not good for high desert heat) are black Austrolopes, but I think they come in Buff and white as well( don't qoute me on that)
    Turkens are so ugly they are sort of cute, LOL!
    Congrats and happy laying!

  2. kelle,

    yes, i'm excited. i really would love to get a silkie, too, but they don't do as well in the heat. they aren't great layers but they are just so darned cute!


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