Monday, July 5, 2010

Coop Progress!


  1. Is this not the coolest or what! Love the colors too.
    Don't know if there are to be chickens just beyond the big door, but, to be on the safe side I'd put another slider latch down there near the keep things out.
    Not Anonymous, just didn't know what else to check.
    Sharon Kime from FB

  2. sharon, well good to know who you are! where are you suggesting another slide latch? there is one large one on the people door (and it cannot open, no way, no how) and a slide latch on the chicken's door and will be one on every window if i have to shut them (and chicken wired of course to keep critters out). floor will also be chicken wired to keep critters from burrowing under and in. let me know where you are referring to! have a great day.

  3. Look great!, you did an excellent job :o) Your chickens are spoiled*wink*


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