Saturday, July 3, 2010

Making Butter from Raw Milk

Had a fun time making butter and it turned out great!  Start with raw milk that has not been homogenized or pasteurized.  After a day of sitting in the fridge', you'll notice there are two layers - the cream has risen to the top and milk to the bottom.  Skim the cream into a container because that's what your going to make your butter from.  Another easy way to remove the cream is to pour the milk into a container with a spigot on the bottom.  When the cream rises, you can drain the milk out through the spigot and what is left in the container is the cream!  Next, put the creamer in the container you are going to churn it in.  I used a glass gar and filled it almost 50% full - don't fill in more than this if you use this method.  An easier method (but not as fun!) is to put the cream in the blender. 

Next, take your jar and shake, shake, shake...  you will need to shake anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes and then the fat molecules will begin separating and you'll start getting globs of yellow butter.  Keep shaking!

Soon, it will look like most of the cream has turned into butter and then pour out the milk that is left.  Add some cold water to the butter and shake again for a minute or two and pour out.  Do this a few times and the water will be mostly clear that you pour out.  You can then spoon out the butter from the container into a bowl and let it sit in the fridge for a while.  Then, spoon the butter (mash it), trying to push out any water that may still be in the butter.  Pour out or remove any water and you have your butter!  This is a fun project and much healthier than buying the store bought.  Have fun!


  1. That's what is termed as sweet cream butter, personally our family enjoys sourcream butter and it's made by simply letting the cream set out until it sours a bit, then churn as before, however you will need to strain it into a muslin cloth and squeeze the excess buttermilk out, rinsing and them forming into a tight block. The sourcream butter does have a stronger flavor, but that is why we like it*wink* You can use the why from this and add a bit of cider vinegar( 1tblsp to 3+c. whey) and heat slowly this will bring forth a riccotta cheese. :o) Enjoy, right now we're dry :o( and don't know when we'll have raw milk again, hopefully soon.

  2. kelle - thanks for the advice on the sourcream butter and ricotta. i have not had the this type of butter and would like to try. i appreciate the tip! hope you get some milk soon.

  3. i am so going to try this! thanks. i'll start looking for raw milk today! how fun, maybe i'll have the students in our weekly art class do this as well. why not combine art + food? seems natural anough...steffi


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