Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Door to Nowhere (as of now)

Well, the two posts are sunk and gate into the chicken run is up.  Now, 4x4 posts are next and chicken wire with some "secret weapon coyote deterrent" buried underneath.  Then... CHICKENS!!


  1. LOVE your title! Looking GREAT! Of course when you're done our chicken pen could use a facelift*wink* We've been trying to figure out if we want to keep two coops or we do have a smaller shope building that we could divide in half and use and do away with both of the exisiting coops, Oh! descisions, descisions*sigh* Less building would be better and a new rebuilt pen will make it look so much better.
    Chin up, soon you'll be calling, Here chicky, chicky" and know that they are safe and sound i their beautiful home. :o)

  2. That's one cute chicken coop! I can't wait to see your chickens arrive.--Inger

  3. hi canyon girl! thanks so much... slowly, but surely, it's coming along! btw, i enjoy your blog. my posts are signed "hopeful". have a good rest of the weekend!


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