Saturday, September 18, 2010

Go Away Cancer.

I haven't been as active on my blog as I would normally be.  Life has the power to take some tremendous turns with our without your consent.  My partner has had a couple melanoma spots removed over the past 4 years, but one month ago discovered the melanoma had invaded the lymph nodes on the neck's right side.  Surgery was performed Monday - a modified neck dissection - and six lymph nodes came back positive out of the 21 that were taken.  the full pathology report and recommendations won't come for about another week.  Suddenly, you look at life differently - you see it's fragility, one's mortality and priorities take a shift. 

I'm not sure of the point of this post expect to give a reason why I've been less active on my blog and to give reason why thing may change on the blog.  We are not in the position to buy a home right now in Arkansas until things stabilize.  But, that will happen.  Most likely, my partner will refuse any treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation but instead is going to pursue alternative treatment, most notably, the Gerson diet.  But, we will get to Arkansas and I am working hard to get this chicken coop finished!  I'm gonna get chickens in there soon come what may.  And, we're gonna live life for a bit I think the way we want to instead of the way we think we're supposed to.  House is gonna go up for sale, and we might just get in the RV and take about 6 months and travel and end up in Arkansas.  But, health first.  And, I'm gonna try hard to blog more.


  1. Wow, oh man! Wish the best for the both of you. Im sorry. Really sorry.
    Debbie Miller facebook friend

  2. I just wrote about my own worries on my blog and how these lines of the Wordsworth poem helped me: We will grieve not, rather find -- strength in what remains behind.
    Also, I recently watched a DVD my husband borrowed about the Gerson diet and how the science of cancer has become cancer for profit. It was an eyeopener for me. And I'm now working toward adopting that diet. I had cancer 11 years ago and am fine now, but the diet makes sense even so. Are you familiar with the Living Food Institute in Atlanta? If you get to the South, you may want to check it out.

    I wish you and your partner all the best. Try to keep blogging. I, for one, want to know what you guys will be doing next. You really make friends on the blogs.--Inger

  3. debbie - thank you for the thoughts. means a lot.

    inger - yes, we researched a lot of cancer diets and the gerson appears to be the best. i'm ot familiar with the living food institute but will check it out. thank you! glad your cancer is gone - yay! i will keep blogging for sure... it may not be from the arkansas homestead as soon as i wanted, and may be from our rv as we treck around with final destination of arkansas as soon as we stabilize the cancer, but i will keep the blog going. thanks!

  4. You know you both are in our prayers and picking up and traveling in the RV sounds like something you both need.

    The blog is wonderful but your health is #1, we'll miss your posts if they slow or even stop. It is such a blessing to make so many friends via the web, you are certainly considered on the top of our list. Hang in there and HUGS

  5. kelle - i appreciate the thoughts and prayers more than you know! so far, they're working! we're gonna beat this thing!


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