Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fence Posts Are In!! Run, run, chicken run!

Today I had a great time sinking the corner posts for the chicken run.  Wow, I'm starting to envision it now!


  1. HOLY SMOKES! Your chickens are going to love their pen, it's HUGE! Are you going to divide it, maybe to rotate like pastures, planting one side with greens and goodies while they use the other half and when it gets scratched down rotate them to the green side?

    Do you know what breed of chickens you will be getting or will it be a more eclectic flock?

    Chickens are so much fun to watch and they each have their own personalities, really they do*wink*

    Blessings for your weekend,

  2. kelle - yes, i want them to have plenty of room! so far, i was thinking of planting some grass (getting some sod squares from home depot) so it will help keep cooler during the summer and give them places to hunt and peck for bugs, worms. also, want to get some plants as well. if they just destroy everything and it ends up being just dirt like it is now, i guess i'll have to re-design it! ha ha. as for types, a little eclectic. i'm in love with the looks of silkies, so want to get one of them, and think i'll get turkens and rhode island reds as i hear they do well in the heat. i'm sure i won't have over 5 or 6 hens. it gets about 110 degrees here on hot days in the summer and i just don't want to kill them! so, although i keep getting different answers regarding good breeds for heat, i'm still asking.

  3. What a great space. When do you get the fencing up? It is huge and looks awesome. I can't wait to see chicks running around.


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