Thursday, September 30, 2010

Strangers to the Desert

Clouds.  Thunder that woke me up earlier than normal.  Lightening that pierced the otherwise black sky and made me squint as I lazily stared from my bed out the eastern window.  We rarely get these things here.  I get excited when "weather" comes to the California High Desert as most days are blue skies.  This morning was beautiful as the sunrise got a shot of adrenaline courtesy of clouds.  Mornings have always been my favorite.  Most people are asleep, the animals are stirring, my energy is at its highest and it's very, very quiet.  I'm struggling what to write on this blog in light of what is happening in life these days.  Direction isn't as cut and dry.  I'm happy and I'm hopeful.  This is true.  I'm also sad and worried due to my partner's cancer.  Confusion can be at an all time high and deception may be hard at work when a person looks and feels so good but the doctors convey a different reality.  I really don't know if it's interesting for others, or even appropriate to write about such things on a blog.  At times I think of this blog as a journal, but then I have to remind myself there are others reading it.  Oh, yea!  Whoops, forgot!  Some days I think I should keep it full of my exciting mind and body tinkering like our plans to move to the Ozarks in Arkansas and building my chicken coop and the fact I'll soon be rushing home new chicken family members.  Then, I contemplate being a bit more real and talking about the possibility of plans being altered or even halted due to that crappy thing called cancer.  I don't know - what do you think?  Going out on a limb here.  Caught me at a weak moment - or is it a strong one?  Don't get me wrong - I'm smiling.  I'm grateful for every day I get to see the sun rise, have a job and live on my own piece of dirt.  I'm even happier when there's clouds, thunder and lightening.  Now, rain would just put me over the top!  That might be too much to ask for.


  1. My vote is for sharing all aspects of your life, the good times and the struggles. That's what draws me to some blogs verses others, the fact that they are NOT afraid to share their concerns/ struggles in life. The blogs that are ALWAYS happy, happy to me, IMHO, are just for entertainment not for actually getting to kow someone, making a connection with a new friend :o)
    Now having said all this I do NOT share all the challenges in my life right now, but I do however ellude to them and ask for prayer( God knows what we're dealing with)

    My vote is keep it real and about your life, day to day, even moment by moment. HUGS :o) You know your and yours are in our prayers.

    BTW, Glorious and beautiful pictures, thank your for sharing. :o) Started my day of blessed.
    Blessings for your day,

  2. Ahhhh... Here it is. A moment of clarity. Embrace those moments as they are fleeting - share them with us readers - and yourself - as they will document the purest of thoughts and experiences.

    Sometimes when people 'really feel' something they assume they are being overemotional, overworked, overtired, overrun - "oversomething." They have a surge of feelings - but alas, it quickly evaporates to whence it came and they go back to their normal thoughts and normal life.

    It is these moments, I define as not my moments of temporary insanity, but rather, my moments of clarity. Embrace these moments... As I said, they are fleeting... Recognize them for what they are - moments when you are in touch with something else other than the materialistic world around you. Your soul doth speakith. Sshhh... Listen...


  3. I feel a blog would not be real if it didn't convey the struggles, doubts, fears as well as all the beauty and good things we all live with. Thunder is rolling around the mountains at this end of the high desert too today. Your cloud pictures are absolutely magnificient!--Inger

  4. Kelle - thanks for helping me to stay real. Much appreciated. Prayers really appreciated.

    Farmer Girl - thank you for the long note and encouragement to not "should" myself.

    Inger - Actually, your ability to fluctuate in your blog helped me to stick my neck out a bit. Thank you! Hope the weather was beautifu for you today.

  5. I believe blogging allows us the opportunity to share what has been lost in modern society and the digital age. Reality. When we write about our journey in this life it helps us connect, reason our insecurities, express our desires and revel in our triumphs.
    I vote for you to write what is on your mind and in your heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

  6. cheryl - thank you for the comment! yes, i always appreciate your balance of sharing, so i'll keep doing the same. have a great week!


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