Monday, October 4, 2010

A Motley Crew

Oh, the chicken coop is so close to being finished!  I'm waiting to put pictures up of when it is all complete.  I only have about 6 or 8 hours of work left on it.  Exciting!  And, I've been thinking more seriously about the boarders I'll take on... 

Because I live in the High Desert of California right now, I have a limited selection of chickens I can choose from due to the high heats of summer.  It's not unusual to get to about 100 degrees and it's been known to get hotter.  Winters aren't bad with an occasional few inches or dusting of snow, and I mean very occasional!  So, I've narrowed it down as my choices are limited.  I'll probably only have about 5 or 6 chickens.  With the 10'x6' hen house and the large run, they'll be pretty happy. 

Most likely, I'll get all my chickens as adult hens, but hens that are young.  Since this is my first chicken experience, I'm not confident enough to raise chicks and want to make sure everything works out smoothly before venturing into more complicated endeavors!  With craigslist, there's always people having to get rid of their young hens for various reasons.  Gotta love craigslist!

Rhode Island Reds will definitely be some of the residents.  They are good hearty breeds and good egg layers.  They can be a bit on the persnickety side, so I'll make sure they are friendly when I get them. 

The Turken (Naked Neck) is another breed that I think you either love or hate.  I like their ugly duckling look and they are known to be great in heat, friendly and good egg layers also.

The Silkie is one I want cause it's just too adorable.  They are very broody so if I ever want to purchase eggs, she can raise the chicks.  They lay small eggs and are a bantam and aren't too difficult to find. 

The Frizzle would just seal my little flock with a kiss.  The Frizzle may take some more looking to find, but I have seen them on craigslist as well.  The Frizzle is not a breed but actually the name of the chicken due to a genetic mutation where their feathers curl outward instead of laying close to their bodies.  The Frizzle can occur in any breed of chicken.  I just love the way they look.

Well, you can see why they would be a motley crew, ha ha.  If anyone has any good suggestions on chickens that are good layers and do well in the heat, feel free to let me know!  Residents are open to change...


  1. I have a friend who has a Silkie and she stole everyone's eggs and wanted them for herself to sit on. All kinds of chickens were the result. I love the Frizzy -- I've never heard of them. Thanks for this research, it may help us too when we get to that point.--Inger

  2. Inger - funny story about the Silkie stealing the eggs! Yes, they love to be mothers, ha ha. Hope you feel up to doing a coop soon. I think it's gonna bring a lot of enjoyment for us - probably make the dogs crazy, though!

  3. When I was a kid our banty rooster set on the eggs and cackled like a hen, he hatched ou babies and was VERY protective of his chicks!

    Our flock is eclectic, we love RIR and White Plymouth Rocks. Probabaly not a good breed for you, but we love them are Black Austrolops, very docile, good layers and winter our cold winters well. Most of our flock are all rather large bodied bird so they withstand the cold better than the smaller breeds. We do have 4 Americanans but they don't thrive as well in winter :o(

    Can't wait to see you coop with chickens roaming in their pen. :o)

  4. I think your plans sound marvelous!

    Of course, I have no experience.

    I love the breeds! So unique and interesting. Each one looks like she has a story to tell.

    We're listening...


  5. kelle - the story about the rooster cracks me up! i have never heard of a rooster doing that. classic. glad i'm not the only one who will have an eclectic flock... i'm doing it partially for the eggs and partially for the fun and looks of the "girls". there's a lot of diversity out there in the chicken world! thanks for the great laugh.

    farmer - have you thought about getting chickens? looks like you definitely have the room for them, but maybe not the desire? thanks for stopping by and commenting. i hope to have more up soon of the finished coop. so close!


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