Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Vagabond Chiahuahua

We have a new temporary member of the family today.  We have named him Troy for now.  Sure to be a coyote's meal, Troy was found wandering the desert yesterday afternoon.  He is Chihuahua - old, not nervous or shaky, and pretty tough putting my Boxer and Pug in there place quickly.  He is pudgy and certainly spoiled.  He has definitely been someone's pet as he thinks the couch is where he belongs and the outdoors is for lower class dogs.  A neighbor has gone all over asking homes if they lost a dog, and so far has not found anyone to claim him.  In 30 minutes he was alpha, snipping at my dogs if they got too close as he didn't want to be bothered while napping.  He has a camouflage collar but no tags and the only thing I am in disapproval about is that his nails are much too long.  We'll have a trim session later.  Hopefully, someone will post some signs saying they are missing a dog, but if not, we will find a good home.  Troy is a lucky dog.  Lots of coyotes around here.  He's a character indeed!  Is troy just senile and was able to find his way home?  was he suicidal wandering out to the desert to never return?  was he fleeing from domestic disturbance?  hhmmmm.......


  1. You're an ole softy, I knew it! He surely doesn't appear to have miss any meals either*giggle* Funny he established dominance over your boxer, just goes to show you size isn't everything.

    Our Aussie is a real lover but yet he is senior dog here, even though I know our Border Collie could whip him a new one, he respects the senior statis, even showing submission on a daily basis.

    The begging picture is my favorite.*smile* Hopefully his owners are found and it isn't an issue of someone dropping him off. We have a real issue with this in our area, because we live in the country, city folk think that they can just drop off animals and they'll be taken care of. Our neighbors ended up with three cats this way and now are getting themselves into a situation that we are beginning to dislike. They're allowing them to breed and now 3 cats are 8 cats( after they shot several, which I don't like either :o( ) The youngest kittens are now sexually mature and although they keep telling us they are taking them to be spayed and nuetered they are not.*sigh* I don't mind the extra mouse patrol, but the male cats are getting into our barn and spraying on our hay It's a tough situation because we like our neighbors and they have kind hearts but...... there needs to be some control as well.To make matters worse our county does NOT have an animals control facility. Okay rant over *red faced*

    Troy has it made and don't think he doesn't know it :o)
    Blessings for your weekend,

  2. With a face and look like he has in that first picture, he may even have scared some coyotes away. That's some tough-looking little dog. He probably thinks he's a wolf or something. Good luck with finding his owner or a new home for him. Or if not, maybe he will charm his way into your big heart?--Inger

  3. If he was lost he found the right home! I love the pictures. He sounds like has some spunk. I like that. Take care and have a great weekend!

  4. kelle - wow, that IS a problem with your neighbors. Hope it gets resolved soon. i'm sure it's sad to see all the abandoned pets also. people do that out here in the desert a lot also and it infuriates me because coyotes are such a problem and extreme heat in the summer with no water. and i am NOT a chiahuahua person at all!! but this little guy is pretty cool, i have to admit.

    inger - he is a tough little fellow! boy, he has my dogs in their place. he can't be bothered with all the nonsense they want to engage in. i really don't want another dog, but i'm worried i won't find the owner. we'll see what happens!

    cheryl - yep, for his age (he seems pretty old), he has a lot of spunk. he's a lucky guy for sure. you have a great weekend, too!

  5. Do I get a vote?

    Come on...

    Let me have a vote.

    Keep Troy.

    You can nickname him Snotch (shaky, nervous, old, touch chiahuahua). It's not the package, but what's inside the package. Troy has the heart of a great dane!


  6. farmer -

    you're funny. well, we can't nickname him snotch, cause he's not shaky or nervous!! he's a calm, tough old guy and super sweet execept he doesn't care much for my dogs. tolerates them but doesn't want to engage in any of their "nonsense". we will certainly keep him till we find him the perfect home. i'm going to take him to the vet and get his eye checked out and a blood panel to make sure's he's good and healthy. already did the first nail trim and he was pretty good with that. i'm working on my brother to take him and he said he might. we'll see!! but, for now, he's loving his foster home! ha ha. he really is a perfect dog.


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