Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Three Great Things...

On our way to Laughlin, NV as I type... in the RV for a long weekend.  I don't like crowds or noise, but for some reason, I love Laughlin and Vegas.  I've always loved to gamble and can do it without getting myself into any finanacial trouble.  Plus, being in the RV on the river is better than a hotel.  Our own food, bed and even dogs.  That's the first great thing - on our way for a long weekend!  My parents will be there and about 12 other RV's.  My folks have a yearly get together with their friends, and we join them when we can.

Second great thing is that my partner's scan results came back negative for stage 4 melanoma!!  The doctors thought it had metastisized to the liver or abdomen area as a pet scan showed positve, but with further scans, it is not cancer.  What a relief!! Big difference between stage 3 and stage 4.  Good recovery from surgery that occured a few weeks ago (modified neck dissection) with no complications. A lot to celebrate this weekend and makes for a lot more fun.

The third great thing is that Troy, the wandering desert Chihuahua has adapted just perfectly.  He fits in so well and we are considering keeping him.  Not a bad habit so far, perfect manners and an all around great little dog.  He is even starting to play a little with my one year old Pug, CJ.  He has an appt. at the veternarian's on Tuesday where we can have his eye checked out (looks like his haw has an infection or is inflamed at the least) and get a blood panel to rule out any serious problems. 

So, getting away from the High Desert and gonna brave the crowds, get wet in the river, ride my motorcycle and try my hand at many a nickel slot.  Right now we're on old route 66 almost to Amboy, CA.  With health being the biggest issue, we have a lot to celebrate and be grateful for this weekend.  Hope everyone has a good weekend as well!


  1. Well, I tell you that is the Life and I love it:) When I grow up I want to be like you. Please have a Ball for me and I am so gald that your parents are A plus Okay!!! Tell Amy I was rooting for a speedy recovery and thank you God that you can get on the road and take a much needed vacation away from the Desert:) I wish I was riding with you all, Lord knows I need to get away from the God awful Missouri. One day I will come and travel with you all:) Have an awesome time and I surely will be keeping up with your Bloggs:) Love you!! Be safe and have an awesome time put a few nickles in for me...

  2. It is Renee Guichard who did the Post, you know I have no clue what I am doing on this things sometimes:)

  3. So So Happy to hear the great news about your partner!!! I envy the road trip and Vegas. Mike and I got married there but haven't gone back. Yet! I hate flying. Have a great time with your family and downloading.

    PS. Love the pic! The little man looks perfectly comfortable with you at the helm.

    Have a Great Time!

  4. renee - thanks for commenting! i hope you get a good vacation soon. i don't take many long ones, but i welcome long weekends. thanks for rooting for amy - i'll pass it on! i won $8 last night on the "hee haw" penny slot machine, so that's a good start!

    cheryl - we're going to laughlin, not vegas, but same machines! hope you get back to vegas soon to have a little fun. it was a great night last night - we stayed at the free lot before we get to our river rv park and the temps were perfect.

  5. I'm so happy to hear about the good results of the cancer tests. And how cool to get away and ride your bike. And I had a feeling from the start that the little Chihuahua was going to win your heart and maybe get to stay. Have a great trip.

    I will respond to your medical comment later.--Inger


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