Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meet the Flock!

Boy, am I having fun!  It's my birthday weekend (Halloween) and my wonderful parents drove up here with my flock for my birthday present as a surprise.  They brought me 7 hens and 1 rooster and they are all 8 months old.  I was adamant about not getting a rooster before but then I started too feel sorry at the thought of him being left behind and probably ending up being someone's stew.  So, I have a Rhode Island Red rooster named Jack, 5 Rhode Island Red hens and 2 Delaware hens.  The RIR hens are being a little mean to the 2 Delawares as they were separate flocks before.  Jack was initially mean to them also, but he has now accepted them.  I'm hoping this is normal and they will all get along soon.  No feathers missing, so that's good!  Jack doesn't crow at night and that's my favorite part!  Also, he's not mean to people is and actually quite curious and social.

The Delaware hens are named Eunice and Bokie (pronounced "bow" - like bow & arrow and "key").  The RIRs are named Maude, Theodocia, Talula, Miss Henny Penny & Haughty.  I haven't decided which RIR hen is who yet because I want to observe their personalities more and also they are hard at this point for me to tell apart!
Eunice & Bokie (Bokie has black)

Yesterday (Friday) was their first day and I already got 2 eggs!  I thought because they were most likely stressed, it might be a couple days before I saw any eggs.

First 2 eggs!
This is a short post, but just wanted to get the flock up on line and show that I FINALLY made this thing a reality!  It was worth every bit of it.

Unloading the girls in their new home!

Eunice & Bokie got their spots for the night


  1. the photo of you looks like a kid on christmas morning!! :) congratulations!

  2. who's call m?? ha ha.. silly blogger names.. ugh.

  3. robin... are assuming multiple identities? ha ha. yes, i felt like a kid on christmas morning! thanks. it's super fun.

  4. Wa HOO!!!! you've got your flock and a roo to keep them going.
    I love RIR, we were sad when our RIR roo died. May I suggest that you handle your roo, let him know you are senior boss, because he WILL try you at some point, so while he's still young let him know you are boss, just allowing him the priviledge of watching over the girls for you!
    The hens will work it out, it's called the 'pecking order' and they'll from time to time have spats( even challenge the rooster), trying to move up in the flock.

    BTW! Happy Birthday, may it be filled with even more blessings. Enjoy your family time and have a very blessed weekend

  5. Yea!!!!!!! If only you could hear me cheer from Florida. How wonderful, I am so happy for you! Happy Birthday and...
    Peace to You and Yours!

  6. kelle - thanks for the advice! i went out yesterday and picked him up and carried him around a few times. they are also leaving the delawares alone a bit more so things are calming down! thanks for the birthday wishes! much appreciated.

    cottage times (cheryl) - yay!! thanks for following the coop building along the way and for the congrats. it's tons of fun. hope all is well with you!

  7. Thanks for the kind words you left on my blog about Sweetpea.

    I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to keeping up with your journey.

    I am sorry to hear about your partners Cancer. I am a firm believer in the Gerson Institute, Gerson Therapy Diet. You should watch 'Food Matters" as soon as possible as well. You can watch it instantly online on Netflix.

    Wishing you and your partner good health and peace.

  8. barbara - thanks for stopping by! and, thanks for keeping up with my blog and for the well wishes. i will watch the movie and appreciate the suggestion. have a great week!

  9. Congratulations on getting your girls! Jack is a handsome fella too. You will have many hours of chicken antics to look forward to watching now! :)


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