Monday, November 1, 2010

Vegetarian Chorizo & Eggs - Um, Um, Good!

Well, I guess I can't say I'm truly vegan anymore, ha ha.  My whole life I have disliked eggs.  My mom said she tried to make them every which way to get me to eat them, but I just made faces and refused.  Except there was one dish I loved that she made.  Chorizo & Eggs served with flour tortillas.  I remember the family having it for a late weekend breakfast.  It was one of my favorites and conjures up memories of weekends full of play and the worry free feeling many had as a kid.  Plus, we always got a treat and had Dr. Pepper with our chorizo and eggs.  You really can't eat it any other way.

Well, I bought vegetarian (soy based) chorizo and it's excellent.  And, Sunday, I cooked it up with eggs (instead of my standard tofu I've had for years) and I'm happy to report I liked it as much as when I was a kid!  I did skip the Dr. Pepper (have to admit there was a little something missing!) and I wasn't quite as worry free as I remember at age 7, but hey, it was a great meal and a great Sunday.  And, guilt free as I know my eggs came from cruelty free chickens in my own yard!! 


  1. what a great post sylvia! glad you tried them again after all these years and enjoyed them too. :)

  2. look at those beautiful yolks too!! very cool!!

  3. That looks delicious! .. and Yes what beautiful dark yolks your girls have! We'll have to try this with a batch of Chorizo ourselves one weekend!

  4. Too bad your so far away or I'd invite myself over! That looks so freaking good.

  5. I agree with Cottage Times, looks mouth watering good!
    It changes everything when you raise and grow your own*wink*
    Now how about Green eggs and Ham( tofu style*wink*)?

  6. thanks everyone! yep, too bad you all are so far away - group brunch would be fun!!

  7. Not too bad with real chorizo, either ;-)


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