Thursday, November 11, 2010

Babies Get Day Play

Yesterday, I was starting to feel bad for the two young hens that aren't big enough yet to be mixed with the older ones.  They do have a nice, safe area in the back of the coop where the older ones can't get to them, but, I hated that they don't get sun and more space.  So, I grabbed a few pieces of cut rebar I had lying around and several feet of 2 foot chicken wire behind the shed and sectioned them off an area on the corner of the run.  I put their food and water out and boy, did they have a great time!  They pecked around and scratched, took long dust baths, and I gave them 4 grub worms I dug up from my pathetic attempt at a garden last spring.  They also got some fresh pomegranate and treats.  So, weather permitting, they will get day play regularly until they are big enough to hold their own against the older ones!  I feel better, and I'm quite certain they do also!

day play section
the dust bath begins

Theodocia checks the young ones out

Pretty Barred Rock

More dusting

Ah, feels good!



  1. I can just see how spoiled ALL your chickens will be and I'm looking forward to reading all about it.--Inger

  2. How cool is that! You've setup a baby chicken play pen! I bet they were a hoot to watch!

  3. It looks like a chicken day spa and they loved it. Love the pictures, keep'em coming!

  4. I'm pleased to say, I am all caught up with your blog!

    How was the mini-vacation?

    The new babies are just adorable! Congrats! They looked really happy with their extra space - so considerate of it! What a great chicken momma you make (smile).

    Really, everything looks great. You brought your chicken coop up quickly and filled it even quicker. Amazing job.


  5. inger - yes, i guess i do spoil them and i love every minute of it! ha ha.

    kelly's - yes, they are fun to watch, but these girls aren't so smart! they keep wanting to be with the big girls and you would have think they would have learned their lesson after being beaten up a couple times!

    farmer - mini vacation was great! good to get away. glad you read through my blog and it was sooo good to see you back up and running on yours. look forward to more!

    cottage - thanks for the consistent comments. i enjoy them! glad you like the pics.


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