Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sherman meets Jack & the Girls

The hope for Sherman the Boxer being a protector for my chickens is not on my horizon, that's for sure!  But, I have been impressed with his going up to their run and not charging them.  So, today, I brought him in on the leash to introduce them.  He was much better than I thought he would be!  He only lunged for them once when Bokie took flight after he got too close for her comfort.  Sherman backed down when Jack approached him all fluffed up.  Very funny.  Too bad he wasn't able to be raised with them - he protects his little dog brothers like crazy.  But, nevertheless, he did alert us to a coyote this morning that was about 15 feet from the chicken coop.  He left his scat right outside the run fence, so he's definitely casing the place.  But, I still feel my "underground" work will keep a digging coyote out and since the chicken wire is wrapped again with 3 foot box fencing, he can't break through and it's covered on top.  The two young chickens are doing well.  I take them out of their segregated space every day and let them have more room to really run around.  They still can't be integrated with the older birds because the two times I tried did NOT go over well.  As some of the pics show below, they are still getting their feathers in on their lower back.  It's fascinating to watch them come in.  5 eggs yesterday and NONE today so far (it's 3:20).  What?  They think they can take a day off cause they were stellar yesterday?  I don't think so!  :)  Also, not crazy about the picture of me, but kept them cause of the chickens.  It looks like I'm trying out for chicken model or something!  Oh, well.

The first intro with a little assurance from mom

Talking about a short leash!

Jack could care less

Had to hold Jack for a quick photo op

Jack takes better pictures than I do

Jack is saying, "that's close enough, bud!"

Eunice took flight and Shermie took a lunge - instinct kicked in!

Holding the Easter Egger - she's real skittish

Easter Egger feathers growing in

Barred Rock (name coming soon) - She is taking a real liking to me!



  1. I don't know I think you take a great picture. Jack is a handsome fella! Our easter eggers are skittish too.
    You Boxer looks like he'd rather chase them than greet them, he'll adapt, our dogs totally ignore the chickens and turkeys. :o)
    Blessings for your new week

  2. The pictures are great. I agree with Kelle, Jack is gorgeous. It sounds like things are going great except for Wiley Coyote! Besides, your coop is like Fort Knox. It can try but it won't get in.
    Have a good week!

  3. Jack is handsome! Our dogs would charge the chicken tractor when we first got the chickens in there, but after a week of marking it they started not to care, and when it came time to let them free range a few weeks later the dogs just sat and let the chickens peck around them. It all takes a little time. Our Barred Rock is the most friendliest chicken. You can go out to the barn, sit on the straw bale, and she will hop right up and sit in your lap so you can pet her. I hope your's will be the same way! :)

  4. looks like jack gets a thumbs up from everyone! i'll let him know...

    kelle - you are so right - he would love to chase them!

    cottage times - so far, everyone is safe so i guess wiley doesn't think it's worth the effort?

    kelly's adv. - then there's hope for sherman? i like that! i'm bringing him out everytime i feed them to get used to them. he's outside, but getting exposure nonetheless.


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