Saturday, November 20, 2010

My First Homemade Apple Pie

Today was cold, windy with sprinkles off and on in the desert.  Definitely too windy to ride Mickey, so I took a day off of horseback riding and went in early to the farmer's market.  Got some Granny Smith Apples and pickling cucumbers (for bread & butter pickles tomorrow cause it's supposed to be cold and windy again) and came home baked my first apple pie from scratch!  It's an experiment to see if it's good enough for me to bring to my parents' home on Thanksgiving.  I went on and looked for a good pie crust recipe and liked the recipe that got great reviews and was handed down by someone's great grandmother.  I got the filling recipe from Better Crocker's website.  I wish I had my Mammaw's recipes, but they were all in her head and went away when she passed away.  BUT... I do have her southern apricot "fried pie" recipe as I asked her to walk me through the process.  As she added "a little of this" and "a little of that" from her memory into bowls, I measured them out beforehand and wrote the recipe down.  I'll share that before too long.  So, the pie turned out great!  Super flaky delicious crust and the filling is awesome.  The only thing I'll do differently for Thanksgiving is baste it and sprinkle some sugar on top to give it that something extra.  Looks like I'm having pie for desert tonight and I ran over a couple big pieces to an elderly couple that live not too far in their 5th wheel.  They were happy to get it!  Tomorrow, I'll give the rest to some other neighbors and I'll be ready for pie making on Thanksgiving.



  2. Looks amazing. Wednesday is pie day for me. I'll be making apple and pumpkin. I cooked and pureed the pumpkin last week, so it will just be making the crust. Oh and peeling all those apples. The bright side is that my DIL and her folks are doing the bulk of the cooking, and it's at their house. So no cleaning and not much cooking for me. For once, I get to eat and just veg out on the couch with my grandson.

  3. It looks delicious!I have some apples I need to do something with too -- not pie because I can't eat it, but applesauce, maybe. Thanks for inspiring me though.--Inger

  4. Okay so thanks for torturing my taste buds... My mouth is watering your pie looked so delicious!

    I couldn't bake a pie to save my life...

    I am sure your neighbors love you more than ever for sharing the goodness!

    You did a fabulous job!

    Do you think if I went and ate an apple it would help me with my sudden craving for apple pie?


  5. I can smell it clear up here in MT*wink* Mike is the appple pie person in our family and he said your pie looked delicious. :o)

    Bitter cold today, not much fun to be outside in and had to deal with a problematic drainline( for our washer), it froze again*sigh* Mike worked on gettign everything insulated in and around this pipe and I pray it solves the problem, otherwise it's such a pain in the backside all winter It's all part of owning a 100 yr old home retro fitted for indoor plumbing *wink* Once we get the bathroom remodeled all of this plumbing will be far away for outside walls :o) I can drain the washer into 5 gallon buckets and throw outside, we did this for a year until Mike remodeled our back entry and put in a drain line, now I'm spoiled*wink*
    Blessings for your Thanksgiving week,

  6. robin - yeah, the neighbors were happy! brought the rest to some other neighbors and they ate it up!

    leah - glad you don't have to do the whole meal this year! hope you do a post on how your pies turn out. wow, double duty - pumpkin & apple! whoa...

    inger - can you do a little pie if you leave out the sugar? could you use agave nectar? or, is it the apples and crust you also have to avoid?

    farmer - again, you're making me laugh. ha ha. hope all is well your way!

    kelle - glad mike approved!! too bad he's not here to tast test, ha ha. oh, my... good luck with that plumbing and hope it doesn't freeze and have to use the 5 gal. buckets!!

  7. Looks like a great pie! Congratulations!

  8. That looks amazing! I bet your folks are going to be just as thrilled as your neighbors! How nice of you to share such a delicious looking treat!

  9. Wow...that looks like it tastes like heaven! I like My honey wheat bread recipe is from there. Enjoy the cold weather and Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Brenna - thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment!

    kelly's - yep, i hope the one for thanksgiving turns out as well as the one i just made! i have to admit it was pretty tasty!

    cottage - isn't allrecipes great? i need to try that bread recipe also. love bread! you have a happy thanksgiving also.


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