Tuesday, November 23, 2010

After 9 Years, He Has Earned It!

I gave in tonight. I chalked it up to him "earning it" after 9 years of "dog stellarness". After all, Sherman the Boxer has never chewed up or destroyed ANYTHING except when he broke a pen in two and even then, no ink came out. He occasionally will find a shoe and bring it to his bed, but never any teeth marks. He doesn't bark unless it's to tell me someone has driven up or a coyote or dog is on the property. He doesn't run off. He doesn't jump up. He's just a stellar dog! He was rescued from a backyard situation about 9 years ago. He was about 3 months old and half the weight he should have been - 12 lbs. instead of the average 25 lbs. for his age. He was emaciated, dehydrated, had infections and sported the fresh consequences of a horrible butcher job of someone trying to dock his tail at way too late of an age. He has eternally soulful eyes and always looks somewhat sad but it's really quite the contrary. He lives to play. He lives to run! He'll chase anything and is always up for a run or a walk. He is friendly to all and looks out for his little dog brothers well. Oh, one other thing he doesn't do... he doesn't get up on the couch. Well, he has never been allowed up on the couch. Somehow, the small ones managed to stake a spot on it. Maybe cause they're just small and I really don't notice them as much? Perpetually covered with a sheet, the couch sits two people and two small dogs most of the time. But, poor Sherman has never been allowed. I've spent many nights looking at those pitiful sad eyes as he envied his smaller brothers snoozing away while he's been the only mammal on the floor. Well, tonight I said no more! Rules have changed and after 9 years of being such an awesome dog and good friend, you deserve it, Sherman! Live it up! And, with the winds blowing cold outside, he did just that.

Sherman, Vagabond Troy & CJ the Pug (yes, Sherman eats plenty and is healthy - he has just always been very thin since being rescued)

Sherman & Vagabond Troy


  1. I've always been a sucker for boxers. I'd have to have Sherman on my lap :-)

  2. Way to go Sherman! What a good boy he has been! Welcome to the couch! :)

  3. Yay for Sherman! Next stop, the bed! Nothin better than snuggling with dogs on a cold night! Oh ya, Jim too :)

  4. I'm losing my mind! I thought I was following your blog. Sorry. I'm old can't remember what I'm doing.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. LOVE IT! your dogs are as spoiled as all of our animals. Whisper to them that they don't know cold, last night our low was -17F with a windchill factor of -30F.

    Tuffy, my Bordercollie and Casino, our Aussie stick close to the wood stove in the kitchen and at night they have lambskin( fake kind) beds and blankets*wink* Then in the morning just after the alarm goes off they get to come up in the bed to say good morning. :o)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  6. just caught your blog....our new bulldog has a similar face to your boxer....
    greetings from north wales

  7. thanks, everyone! yes, sherman is quite happy and has adapted very quickly! he's loving life! here's to another 9 years!


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