Sunday, November 14, 2010

Did Jack Lay This Egg?? WOW!!

A couple of days ago, I went out to collect our eggs and there was a HUGE egg in the nesting box!  I had been teasing Jack the rooster because I have caught him in the nesting boxes several times, so we have concluded it must have been Jack who layed this enormous egg.  ha ha.  But, kidding aside, I have never seen an egg so big!  The egg carton will barely close on it.  It's 3 inches long!  So, I just like to look at it in amazement and so far don't want to use it.  Keep on laying, Jack!

A biggy, huh?
Next to a regular sized egg!

Pretty easy to spot.  Jack is a super star!


  1. Probably a double yolk,
    Ive seen a triple too...

  2. Your chicken has some new stretch marks I bet!

  3. Yep, I agree. It looks like a double-yoke. I've heard it's common amongst new layers (don't know if it's true or not)...


    See, you are a natural Chicken Momma. Your chickens are already saying 'thank-you' in a BIG way!


  4. Oh Yes! We've gotten those before, and the funny thing is, they usually come out of the smallest chicken! Everytime we get a 3 incher, it is a double yolk... usually followed by the worlds smallest egg a day or so later. Have you gotten a super small one yet? It would rival the size of an average marble. How fun!

  5. jeff - i bet you're right! thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    melanie - ha ha ha! good laugh.

    farmer - i think the chickens have a pretty good life! they are so spoiled every time i go out there they expect treats!

    cottage - thanks!

    kelly's - how funny! i did not get a tiny egg afterwards, but if it happens again, i hope i do. that would be quite a sight with the two side by side!


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