Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two New Gals & First Night Alone

The area I made under the roosts with the 2 new girls inside
I got two new hens. Well, I first got one new hen and didn't know I was gonna get a second. I really didn't know I was going to get a first! I went to a different feed store to pick up grain for my horse and they said they had chickens 3 to 4 months old out back. They had one "Easter Egger" left which lays green or/and blue eggs. That was one I wanted at some point so couldn't resist! She is about half the size of the other gals so knew it would be touch and go whether they accepted her. I kept her in a roomy cage for a day where the others could see her and then let her out supervised, but it was ugly. Poor thing... she would have ended up dead probably. So, I made a section in the back of the hen house underneath the roosts, covered with plywood so she doesn't get pooped on at night where she can have her own area for a while until she gets bigger. But, she was continuing to be anxious and just wouldn't calm down after 2 days. So, I figured she would do better with a buddy. I also read that chickens are very social and do better in pairs and she will always try and pal up with one of the others but may not be accepted. So, on my lunch break yesterday, I drove out to the feed store again and got her a friend. They were out of Easter Eggers so I got a Barred Plymouth Rock. I put her in with the Easter Egger and she instantly calmed down. So, I'll keep the two newbies (haven't named them yet) separated until they get bigger and then introduce them to the flock.  Sorry the pictures aren't that great.

Barred Plymouth rock (left) & Easter Egger (right) with Eunice giving stink eye

Barred Plymouth Rock
Easter Egger
Today is also the first day/night alone for the hens.  Every other week, I have to drive to San Diego for work for one day.  I'm gone about 27 hours.  So... the girls will have to be in their hen house for that stretch of time because I can't chance coyotes discovering them at night with an open coop door!  I'm sure they will be fine.  the coop is plenty big - 60 square feet.  At some point in the near future, I hope to find a neighbor who can let them in and out for me.  So, hopefully all will be well with the girls!  Wish them luck.  Everyone have a great Tuesday.  I'm packing up the dogs, going to vote and then off to San Diego.


  1. You are such a good chicken mom Sylvia! Tell Eunice to just calm down! And good for you for getting Eaggie (lol) a friend! Have a great time down here!

  2. We had the same pickle when we were gifted a bantam feather footed something ( Think she is a Cocchin) I had raised her alone with me in my office for a few months hoping she would grow a little more. When she didn't I finally had to introduce her to the other ladies outside. It did NOT go well. With the chicks we raised there were at least three, so they had each other, but little Mable was all alone. I finally found the second lowest hen on the pecking order and stuck her in with Mable during the day and they quickly bonded. It is good to have a friend for the newbies. I won't ever adopt just a single chicken again... and 60 sq ft is a huge yard for the cluckers for a day. I'm sure they will get along fine, and you will have the piece of mind knowing they are safe and secure. Hope work goes well!

  3. niza - ah, thanks! yeah, eggie is happy to have her buddy and eunice really does need to calm down. she has it in for them, and i'm not sure why! always going back there to watch them and do chicken bully gestures. ha ha.

    kelly - thanks for the encouragement! love the story about you raising the one in your office. that is great. smart about taking the lowest one of the pecking order and putting them together. there's a lot to learn with chickens, i'm finding out, and it's both fascinating and fun!

  4. I'm finally catching up on blogs. About my medical care: I was outraged when my own PCP refused to see me. Outraged again when the orthopedic surgeon who was treating my broken left shoulder refused to see me. If these had been strange doctors, maybe I could have understood. They both saw me after my attorney got involved, but I'm not happy with either. The donkey rescue is called Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. -- Don't post this if you don't want to. I just wanted to get back to you re. doctors. I am so happy you finally have your chickens. And what a great house you built for them.--Inger


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