Monday, December 13, 2010

Big Slow Down...

This is going to be a short post, but want to give an update.  There has been a big slowdown in the shop due to poor workers AGAIN who don't know their stuff and/or don't show up.  My folks who have all the experience and thought things were under control headed back down to San Diego 3 hours away and then the workers just fell apart.  What they did do on the roof is shabby at best.  I did some research last night and discovered how many major mistakes they have made and the whole thing has to come off.  It hasn't been sheeted, so that's good.  But, the ridge, joists and rafters all have to come down.  I have studied it and it's not rocket science.  I'm taking the whole thing down and we're going to build the roof ourselves.  It might not get done that fast, but I'll learn, we won't waste any more money on poor "help" and we'll have the satisfaction.  So, the shop is gonna be a while yet.  So far, just four walls and electrical all run.  Patience...  and patience with workers.  I don't understand in this economy when people say they need work so bad why they can't even show up, or if they do show up, why they are so bad.  Ugh. 


  1. no wonder this country is going downhill... it's like hard work ethics just don't exist anymore

  2. Sylvia,
    AMEN on weak work ethics!!! I am teacher and I have to deal with NO work ethics everyday. I'm sorry to hear about your set-back, but anything worth having is worth the hardships we endure. You are definitely a determined country gil. Step back. kick ass and get it done!
    old dog is behind you!

  3. True, generally the work ethics have been oblitterated. People of my grandfathers generation would put their heart into everything they do. People of my generation or lower it seems just expect things to happen instantly and if they don't ugh, give up. Its sad. I see it every day at work. You have the pour their heart and work their behind off folks, and then the rash of lazy sit there talking all day and never get anything done group too. I don't get it.

    Hope that whomever you have helping out now will know their stuff, or at least won't be bashful enough to ask questions.


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