Friday, December 17, 2010

Some of the Gifts I've Made.

This year I've tried to make a lot of gifts myself.  I think it means much more to give a simple gift that time and effort has gone into.  Not that time and effort don't go into a gift bought from a store in the form of time spent at work, but there's something about a gift made in someone's home with their hands that, to me, mean a lot.  I remember when my grandmother Mammaw was living and she would often give me jars of her homemade jam for Christmas and I LOVED it!  This year, among some store bought gifts, I'm giving some canned items I've been making over the last few months.  Among them are Bread & Butter Pickles, BBQ Sauce, Salsa and eggs from my chickens.  This weekend I'm going to make one final canned good and I think it might be sweet relish.  Also, I'm making about 3 or 4 homemade apple pies the day before Christmas Eve.  I've enjoyed all this a lot and actually look forward to giving these items more than the store bought ones.  I had fun making labels on my computer for them and named each item after one of my chickens.  "Lazy Dog Ranch" is the name of my place here and it's just the prototype of when I get my "real ranch".  The name was inspired by my former Pug Carlisle who was a master at exerting minimal energy!  The sad little tree you see in the above photo is the only one we get this year.  It's a living tree at least but since our new Pug, CJ is such a TERROR, we knew the tree would be toppled and strewn all over the house. It's strange not having a large tree, and not having it where we normally do, but at least we have all the stockings up in the living room with some lights around it!  It's pretty festive.  Below is salsa named after my hen Miss Osie.

Followed by Rooster Jack's BBQ sauce! (you can't read it all the way, but the fine print at bottom reads, "use on everything but chicken".

My favorite - bread and butter pickles!

Also, many folks are getting some fresh, organic eggs and these are the carton stickers I've made. 

Below - I know it's not so traditional, but our TV is usually moved and tree put here.  This year, since there's no big tree, just stockings and lights - but it works!  Troy, the Chihuahua found wandering the desert even got one.  His is the one with the "T" on it.  ha ha.  Hope you all are having a great time getting ready for Christmas!


  1. I love the fact that some of your gifts are homemade. Receiving and giving homemade gifts is so special. Anyone can buy a gift, not a lot of people will take the time to make them. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. I think it's lovely that you are giving homemade gifts. I usually do a second marathon pie-baking session the weekend before Christmas (yeah, like NOW), but I'm thinking of doing brownies this year instead. Less work, and who doesn't love chocolate?

  3. I'm making some homemade gifts this year myself. It definitely takes some commitment and I'm feeling the strain. LOL

    I love your labels, they are so clever!

  4. Thats awesome! How creative to name your yummy looking canned goods after your feathered friends! The labels are adorable! I think the hand made items are appreciated. It really helps bring the season back into focus. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Love your labels and the name! Sounds like how we came up with our name, we kind of joked about it for a year or so and you know it just stuck*wink*

    Love your little tree, we did this one year for my folks, hoping they'd plant it but instead they tossed it

    I had a cat that was a nightmare on Christmas trees. He'd knock off the balls and bat them around until they broke, so we resorted to those styrofoam, silk covered ones, at least he couldn't break them.

    Mike loves apple pie, so I'm making one for Christmas, even though we'll have lots of other goodies.

    Love your stocking corner, we put up stocking for our dogs and cat too! Funny thing is they seem to know which one is theirs, LOL!!!!

  6. I love everything about this post. Giving is so great, but giving homemade things like those you showed us here is the best. And it is so peaceful to be at home and making stuff rather than running around some crazy mall or other. I wish for you a wonderful Christmas and good health for both you and your partner in the coming year. And I'm so glad the toy doggie is still with you.--Inger

  7. Everything looks beautiful. You've really been working hard! You surprised me - I didn't know you are so crafty. Woman - you are so ready for a homestead!

    How are you holding up in the rain? We've had rain since last week - pretty well flooded after today's heavier rain. Horses' stalls are looking too good. Heading out for straw tomorrow.

    Again, the homemade gifts are much prettier (and more delicious) than anything that could be store bought. I'm certain all will love them.


  8. thank you, everyone! it's great getting the positive feedback! i'm excited to give them. i appreciate you all for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave some words.


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