Monday, December 20, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain!

It's been raining here in the Southern California desert for several days now.  (and most of Southern California in general).  While I know we need the rain, enough already!  I shouldn't complain - I could be in several feet of snow and freezing winds!  Nah, not really complaining.  The only thing that's hard is convincing these dogs to go outside and go potty!  They start to go out, do a quick u-turn and want right back in.  They are forecasting two more days of rain and then it should clear by Thursday.  Actually, that's good cause Southern California can have a lot of damage if it rains too much with mudslides.  The rain will make for beautiful wildflowers this Spring out here in the High Desert.  I am enjoying staying in after work, listening to the pitter patter and reading or playing on the computer. 

And, since the chickens can't have outdoor recess while it's raining, they decided they might as well lay eggs. 

Also, my two babies (the Plymouth Barred Rock & Easter Egger) that I had segregated for a while have finally gotten brave enough to come mix with the rest of the hens!  They have been staying up on the perch after they came out of "segregation" and jump down to feed and water when the older ones go out to the run.  Today I came home for a break and they were out with the big girls holding their own!  Yay!  I'm excited for them to start laying, but that will probably be a couple more months.


  1. Please send some of your rain our way. This place is like a dust bowl.

  2. There is nothing quite like the sound of rain on the roof... puts me to sleep. Snow, on the other hand, does not pitter patter :)

  3. How cool to watch your little hens grow and start mingling with the older ladies!

  4. i am sick of snow...but equally sick of rain.....
    bring me warm spring days and blue skies


  5. Girlfriend, don't get me started on this weather! Yikes-a-momma!

    The girls look just beautiful. I love their colorings. Glad the two wee-ones are in with the bigger companions. Plus, that makes it so much easier on you.

    Hang in there - the rain is almost finished!


  6. leah - did the rain get to you yet? with this wide a swathe, i'm sure it must have! endless!

    uglydog - yes, it is a nice sound. it's good to sleep with. there's a bright side to everything!

    kelly's adv - yeah, it's been neat rasing them from "adolescents" and watching the pecking order get established and learning some more about their behavior. i want to hatch chicks this spring!

    john - yes, just a day of sunshine would be nice! cold sunshine, i'm not picky!

    farmer - yep, you know what i'm talking about. i feel so bad for you and the water that's accululated in the horses' stalls! yep, tomorrow they say - sunshine. i'll believe it when i see it!

  7. We had rain like that back in May. Flooded many whole towns in this area. Its snowing out right now. We're due for a big Noreaster. people will raid the local markets for milk, bread and eggs. I stock up on wine and cheese. Eat, drink and be merry!

  8. old dog - love it! wine and cheese is much superior to milk and bread any day!! stay warm and keep nibbling.


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