Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Raising the Roof (Part 3)

The adventure continues!  First off, I have to say the Mexican workers we hired from the Home Depot parking lot were awesome.  As I said previously, they did more work in 2 hours than the "Craigslist crew" did in two days.  They had the shop and carport down and loaded on a trailer in record time and brought it to our home an hour and a half away.

Here's a pic of them taking all the sheetrock, some siding and the roof off.

Below is a picture of them loading everything up.  Our little trailer was there also and it is loaded full of stuff.  Goodies in my book, maybe junk according to others.  Shop lights, work benches, cabinets.  They would have been thrown away and they will go to good use when the shop is up.

The next pictures are of the shop on my property.  It's here!  I can't believe it!!  Isn't it beautiful?  Ha ha.  I bet you all are saying, "oh, no... what did you do?"  "Why?"  "What are you thinking?".  Ah, just wait!  This weekend, the foundation will be prepped, the walls will go up, insulation and siding back on, electrical put back and it will look like a structure instead of pile of wood.  Now, don't go placing bets with one another, okay?


  1. It looks fabulous!

    You guys did a wonderful job, as that was no small task. Lots of work ahead, but I know you'll get it done.

    Do you have plans for the shop? It has so many potentials. I can't wait to watch "the barn raising."

    Take plenty of pictures to share with us!


  2. Well.... it's on your property, now the next step is to prep for it and then reassemble it!

    You are going to so enjoy this shop that all the pain will be forgotten.

    We'll be looking for pictures and updates.*wink*

  3. I think it looks perfect! What a deal and thank heavens for family! You know the old saying? Nothing worth while is ever easy! It is so true.

    I hope your hen is feeling better and that today was a better day!

  4. Hooray! I'm glad it made it to your place albeit not all in one piece, but it will be a fun project for you this weekend! I hope the weather cooperates and you don't freeze while putting your big workshop puzzle back together. :)

  5. farmer - thanks! it's gonna be good in the end, that's for sure!

    kelle - you are so right that when it's all up, the headaches will be forgotten but the money saved and the pride in doing it will not be forgotten!

    cottage -you're right about family! and, not being easy means you always learn! thanks.

    kelly's advent - the weather couldn't be more perfect! about 70 degrees, sun and light breeze. whoa!

    john - well, i guess not! but, i have to admit i do enjoy doing these things. your comment made me laugh.


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